CHI Orgonite & Shungite - Chi Jewellery & Orgonite Healing Tools to assist you in life. Find inner peace, raise your consciousness and live knowing that you are a Divine Being of Light

I make all my items with love, using the highest quality Apoxy Resin, metals and a variety of healing crystals to create powerful energy transforming tools to assist you in life. No two are the same and all have their own energy and personality, making each one unique. 

Balance and harmonise your energy (life force chi) with our EMF energy busting tools. Place in any room of your home, especially near to wifi routers, microwaves, phones and laptops. If you work in a stressful environment, full of electrical equipment then this all impacts your own energy and so placing Orgonite in your workspace is advantageous.


Prices are guided by the variation of materials used.  Making Orgonite of any shape is like making art, you never know how it is going to turn out or how the crystals and metals will fall within the mould. This sometimes can leave small marks in the side of the walls and I assure you that it does not detract from their power, it makes them perfect as they are.

I love working with crystals and before the process begins, I energetically cleanse the crystals as each Orgonite piece will have its own healing capabilities depending on the crystals used. My workspace is very calm and during the making process I play high vibrational music, I also use OM tuning forks and play crystal bowl resonances around the Orgonites. I also use sacred geometry symbols within some of the pyramids adding to their energetic power.