The Power of I AM Affirmations...

When we say I AM we are acknowledging ourselves as a Divine spark of Universal Energy whether we are aware of that or not. These two words are so powerful as they symbolize your connection to all that is and so what follows the I AM creates your reality...

We are all created by Divne Energy and our souls are having a human being experience through our physical bodies called life. The physical is made of up Mind, Body and Soul creating your reality. Positive Affirmations help to reprogramme your negative belief system that has been imprinted into your mind, so that repeating the positive I AM changes your state of being for you to experience life in a new way. 

To help you on your journey we have created our I AM Affirmation Pendants for you to wear and work with. They are powerful tools that hold the vibration of Divine Love. Choose the affirmation/s that you feel will help you to change your beliefs and raise your vibration. You can collect and stack them up and work with as many as you feel guided to.

I AM Abundant - I AM Courage - I AM Divine - I AM Enough - I AM Love - I AM Safe - I AM Worthy

If you are drawn to wear the I AM Abundant pendant you can look into why and where this belief came from. This will give you insight into why you have such a limiting belief. Most but not all lack of abundance beliefs come from I Am not good enough or I Am not worthy of receiving. 

Enquiry - Ask yourself why you feel in lack. Where did the belief that you aren't abundant come from? What does Abundant meant to you? Do you relate Abundant to money? friendships? love?

This is a limiting belief that holds you back from Being your Divine Self.


  • I AM Abundant, the Universe supplies me with all that I want. Abundance flows to me with ease.
  • I AM Abundant in all areas of my life. I have an abundance of love, friendships, connections and money.


The limiting belief that some people carry is that they don't have the courage to step up or step out and be their true Divine Self. Feeling afraid of speaking out, or sticking up for yourself will have been imprinted on your by another person who at some stage put you down, or made you feel stupid etc

Enquiry - Ask yourself what is it that you need Courage to do? Do you need to speak your truth? What makes you feel that you do not have the courage to walk through life and achieve your dreams? 


  • I AM Courage, I AM able to be and do anthing that I want. I AM protected and safe in all areas of my life.
  • I AM Courage, I AM supported by the Universe to do anything.



Very few people understand who they truly are and the Divine power they hold within. When we know and understand that we are created from the energy Divine Consciousness and that there is no separation, life changes. This power affirmation will change your state of Being, for you to embrace your Divine self and start living life in a new way. 

Enquiry - Who am I?                                                                                                


  • I AM Divine consciousness, every atom of my being is Divine and I AM one with all that is.


This is a big one! I AM Enought is my most popular piece out of the affiration collection! Isn't that sad. So many of us feel that we are not enough! This is imprinting from our early years that got layered up with negative criticism and judgement from others and from ourself. It's time to release those layers and set yourself free!

Enquiry - Why don't I feel enough? What words were said to me that make me feel not enough? 


  • I AM Enough just the way I am. I have always been enough and always will be.



When we are disconnected from the vibration of Love, life can feel like a struggle, we can feel lonely, scared, empty, yet we came here to experience Love, give Love and be Love.

Enquiry -  How do I experience Love? How do I express Love? Where do I feel unloved? Why do I feel unloved? How do I express love to others?


  • I AM pure Divine Love, Love runs through me, Love guides me
  • I AM Loved by the universe, I AM Loved by all my family and friends


Feeling unsafe in this world is a lonely place to be and yet so many people feel unsafe. Essentially this feeling comes from a negative experience that has made you feel unsafe in a situation or with certain people. This can bring trauma into the emotional body and can cause dis-ease. 

Enquiry - When was the first time I experinced feeling unsafe? What situation or person gave me this experience?  


  • I AM Safe, the universe is always protecting me
  • I AM Safe in all that I do and everywhere that I go



Feeling unworthy is another big emotion that so many people feel. This will come from past experiences whereby you have been put down by another person. Maybe it was a jealous friend or family member or from a jealous partner who made you feel like you aren't worthy of their love. 

Enquiry - What was the 1st situation that made me feel unworthy? Who in my life has been negative towards me and put me down? Why did I listen to them?


  • I AM Worthy of being loved and cherished
  • I AM loved and I AM ready to forgive all those that hurt me because I AM Worthy of all the good things that are coming to me

Affirmations reprogramme your mind...

Repeating an affirmation is a wonderful way to rebalance your thoughts from negative to positive. Remembering that we are energy beings and our thoughts are energy too. Negative thoughts overtake our way of exeriencing life in a low vibrational way and when we consciously repeat a positive affirmation we can switch our frequency to a higher vibration and experience life in a totally new way.


Imagine the negative thoughts and experiences that have held you back all this time just disappearing. Imagine feeling totally abundant so that you can live your dream life. Or being so courageous that you turn your life around and you never doubt yourself  again. How about experincing life as your true Divine self, feeling connected to your inner heart knowing you are Divinty itself. Maybe its overcoming the sense of not being enough and you start to understand that this emotional pain only came from other peoples perspectives and it isnt who you are. It could be Love that you want to attract, to learn how to be love, give love and most importantly receive it! Afterall Love is what makes the world a better place. In this hectic world so many of us can feel unsafe, but knowing that it's our thoughts that create this feeling and that we are safe, changes everything. Releasing the emotional feeling of not being worthy is a big thing to do and is life changing because every soul on this planet is worthy of receiving.

Can you see that all of these negative thought processes that we have are brought upon by an experience in our life that was painful. We felt the pain which had an emotional impact and has been stored in the body as an emotional trauma.