More Than Just Jewellery!


Energy talisman pieces designed and made with love. Be reminded that you have an angel by your side, feel safe knowing you are protected and have faith that your prayers will be answered. We have a collection of icons for you to wear and cherish.


 Our 5 CHI collections are keys to unlock your spiritual doorway, each with its own meaning to expand your consciousness and align your energy with the Divine. 



Our Crystal Healing jewellery are energy tools. Each crystal as its own purpose and vibration and are naturally powerful, they emit high frequencies to heal and protect your energy field and help bring your energy into alignment. When a crystal touches your body its vibration surges to you which facilitiates the free flow of energy throughout your body.

Whatever your need, we have a beautiful collection to support you - healing, protection, meditation, attract love and good luck.

There is only one energy in the Universe and that is Divine Consciousness which is the vibration of LOVE and is the energy we are all created from; yet through the history of humanity this has been forgotten, simply created from a heart disconnection! All of life’s problems are created by this disconnection, resulting in the not knowing of who we truely are... 

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Comfy stretch rings

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We work with Sterling Silver and high quality crystals. All our items are made to order just for you.

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Experience a deep inner connection  through Conscious Connection meditation.

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Crystal Healing

Bring your Mind, Body and Soul into balance, heal and energise as you connect to the crystal energy! 

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I AM Affirmations

Claim your power and step into your I AM with powerful affirmations. 

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Spiritual Vibes

Connect to your guardian angels, feel protected and safe wearing our talisman jewellery.

Global Soul is A Seed for Inner Peace

You are an infinite expression of Divine Consciousness having eternal experiences in each moment through your physical body and each collection supports you on your journey. Whether that be knowing you have an angel by your side, feeling the need for protection or wanting to find a deeper meaning in life. 


Worcestershire, UK

NOW is the time for a global RESET of consciousness!