There is only one energy in the Universe and that is Divine Consciousness which is the vibration of LOVE and is the energy we are all created from; yet through the history of humanity this has been forgotten, simply created from a heart disconnection! All of life’s problems are created by this disconnection resulting in not knowing who we truely are... 

Jacqui Land

NOW is the time for a global RESET of consciousness!

Global Soul is A Seed for Inner Peace

You are an infinite expression of Divine Consciousness having eternal experiences in each moment through your physical body; Chi Jewellery is a key to open your spiritual doorway to protect and support your energy for you to experience life in a new way...  to experience life consciously living from your soul.

Do you ever feel that there is more to life? Are you searching for something, but don't know what? 




Know what you are looking for? If so, then jump right into our store and please let us know if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

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CHI Jewellery

More than just jewellery!

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CHI Orgonite - Shungite

Life essentials to protect you against harmful EMF and 5g radiation

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Spiritual Vibe Jewellery

Angel Wings, Angel Feathers, Hamsa Om  and Chakra Jewellery

My CHI collections are keys to unlock your spiritual doorway, each with its own meaning to expand your consciousness, align your energy with the Divine for you to experience the grandest version of you. Are you ready to unlock the door?


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY... We are all energy beings including YOU! Your thoughts, words and actions are energy too and them combined give you your life experience through the emotions that you feel. I share with you wisdom and knowledge that has worked for me along my awakening journey.  

Everything Is Energy   Chakra Energy   Meditation - Affirmations - Crystal Energy  -  Healthy Mind - Healthy Lifestyle - Orgonite Healing Tools - Guest Wisdom Bearers

Orgonite is a continuous and highly efficient transmutation device that draws in negative life energy and re-harmonizes it into positive energy having a profound effect on your well-being and the environment. The structure of Orgonite means that it is a constantly switched on healing tool. 

You will find many designs within my Etsy Shop along with Shungite Pieces and Powder.