A Seed For Inner Peace...

NOW is the time for a global RESET of consciousness!

It is no mistake that you have arrived here, right now on my website!

There is only one energy in the Universe and that is Divine Consciousness which is the vibration of LOVE; yet through the history of humanity this has been forgotten, simply created from a heart disconnection! All of life’s problems have been created by the disconnection of knowing who we truely are... 

You are an infinite expression of Divine Consciousness having eternal experiences in each moment through your physical body; and not being conscious of this fact brings the experience of struggle. As humans we have become detached from this knowing and have forgotten that we are Divine Consciousness in action. Here I wish to share with you the Divine Channelling that I have been receiving since 2009 to assist you in reconnecting and aligning with your Divine I AM-ness to reclaim your power, truly evolve and expand your consciousness. I share with you channelled Conscious Connection Meditations, Divine Affirmations and Divine Messages, for you to experience life in a new way.  Are you ready to live your soul purpose?

More Than JUST Jewellery!

CHI is high vibrational jewellery that is a gift from the universe to help raise the vibration of this planet. Each collection has its own geometric coding that realigns your energy for you to awaken to the truth of knowing your Divine Self. This coding is brought through from Atlantis to heal the souls of humanity, raise consciousness, realign, and recalibrate your DNA structure through its coding and vibration.


My CHI collections are keys to unlock your spiritual doorway to your soul. Expand your consciousness, align your energy with the Divine Matrix to live your soul purpose.


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY... We are all energy beings including YOU! Your thoughts, words and actions are energy too and them combined give you your life experience through the emotions that you feel. I share with you wisdom and knowledge that has worked for me along my awakening journey.  

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