Welcome to my world... new beginnings, soul connection and unlimited potential!

My name is Jacqui Land and I am the creator of Global Soul, I want to share my journey, passion and vision with you for you to experience your own inner journey of self-realisation.

I was born in ’63 and grew up at a time when life felt free; as I look back at my early years, I am truly grateful for my childhood, my protective and loving parents and my 3 siblings; those early years are our foundation building blocks for life.

My life has had many twists and turns, amazing highs and serious lows and my spiritual journey started over 25 years ago when I had this deep feeling that there was more to life; I felt that there was something missing deep inside. As a new mom, I knew I wasn’t supposed to feel this way, but I realise that my feeling of being lost had been with me since I was a little girl. I can now see the times in my life when I was searching for something more, not being content with where I was or who I was with.

The constant searching hasThe constant searching has led me down many paths following spiritual leaders, gurus, attending seminars, retreats, reading books, taking courses and attaining healing modality certificates. Over the years I've spent many thousands of pounds searching outside of myself for answers, and I now know that all I had to do was look inside. My life changed in 2008... I had a successful business, I was working 70 hours a week, I was exhausted and burnt out. This was when my world changed, and I felt that it had fallen apart. I hit a brick wall emotionally, physically, and mentally and retreated. During this time, I would be woken early hours (almost always 4am) and I would go downstairs to meditate and in my meditations I would write words and draw shapes. Over time the meditations and guidance became profound and the gentle voice that was within me gave me many insights and messages. I sit every morning in my quiet space, and yes I still wake most mornings at 4am, and I journal daily upon rising. I have countless journals that I have filled from my Divine conversations. The shapes became my Chi Jewellery that I share here with you today. There are 5 collections, each having a meaning, purpose and value and are keys to unlock your spiritual doorway. Learn more here.

I am so passionate about sharing my jewellery with you - I know that through my own journey I have overcome depression, breakdown, anxiety and bankruptcy and now I know that these were all symptoms of being disconnected with who I am. I also am aware that most of my life I'd felt lost and I had always been searching in the wrong place, I was never going to find myself searching outside, the only place I had to go was inside, into my heart centre. Thanks to my Chi Jewellery, I've now found myself, I have a deep soul connection and I wear and use my jewellery daily to bring calm, balance and peace into my life. Each day I do my conscious connection meditation and write in my journal as it helps bring clarity to my conversations with the Divine that flow through me. My morning time is sacred to me, its where I am consciously aware in that moment that I AM a Divine Being, that the Divine Christ Consciousness lives in me, lives through me and lives as me.  

In reality, life still brings me events that can be challenging, but it is how I see those events that makes the difference to how I experience them! I work on myself daily, I don't always stay in my Divine space, but the important thing is that I recognise when I'm not in it, which then empowers me to make a change in my thoughts, words and actions. I never forget that I am a spiritual being having a human being experience called life.... and life is to be enoyed!

I am a very ordinary and grounded mom who is very proud of my beautiful daughter Holly, she is truly my world and in my darkest days she was my light.  I am proof that turning the key to unlock your spiritual doorway brings peace. I have woken up to the understanding that I am, more than I think I am, I am a Divine being (just like you are) having a human being experience called life, and I am going to make the most of it in every way.  I look forward to meeting you along our journey and helping in any way I can.

Warm smiles and gratitude.

Jacqui x

I have trained and use these healing modalities, but the greatest healing tool is when we know and embrace that we are Divine Christ Consciousness.

Usui Reiki I & II Angelic Reiki I,  II and Master Level NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Diamond Light Grid Therapy Antenea Healing Therapy Mental Health First Aid

Remember You Are More Than You Think You Are…


Your Inner Connection...

"Wear any of the collections to experience the Divine energy that is held within and consciously connect to your I AM through the meditations that I share with you. Life changes the minute you decide to take responsibility of your experience in life. We all have free will, so it will be up to you whether you walk through the door or not!"