CHI is Jewellery For Your Soul

Imagine a world where all of humanity live from their soul and not their mind!

A high proportion of the human population live life from their mind, creating the illusion that everything they need is out-side of themselves. It's okay to enjoy material things, it's okay to have dreams and desires of wealth, but the problem lies when the emotional attachment to external things takes over your understanding of what life is about and what your purpose to life is. 

"98% of the world's people are spending 98% of their time on things that don't matter" Neale Donald Walsch

When we live life from the OUTside-in, we are 'DOing' life and that can be emotionally draining, life can feel like an emotional rollercoaster which can lead to feeling disconnected, lonely, anxious or stressed. When those negative thoughts and emotions take hold we tend to ask ourselves "what is life about" and "what is my purpose for being here". This is when we have a choice... Do we continue in the same cycle, or do we open ourselves up to endless new possibilites?  From my experience, my spiritual path led me on a very long journey of looking outside of myself,  when in fact all that I was searching for was me! CHI can help you take the short path to self realisation... for you to experience your Divine self!

You are who you are looking for

CHI Peace Pendant

The Beginning...

In 2009 whilst sitting in deep meditation, I would journal words and shapes. The shapes soon became the jewellery that you see today and the words are the wisdom I share through my conversations with the Divine. 

Chi’s Balance diamond is a sacred symbol of the Divine energy that you are made of and consciously connects you to the Divine Matrix to bring your energy into alignment.

Chi's Compassion, Harmony, Infinity and Peace sit within the outer Circle of Life, a continuous circle of Divine energy.

Each piece is a tool for you to experience life consciously. 

Chi  is more than just jewellery, it is a key to unlock your spiritual doorway through its meaning, purpose and value.

The 5 collections - Balance, Compassion, Harmony, Infinity and Peace,  have a Divine Declaration for you to connect with, as you inwardly repeat the words your subconscious will be activated into consciously remembering who you truly are! 

Each collection has its own meaning to expand your consciousness and bring about a state of BEing for you to experience the grandest version of you. 

Its 'purpose' is to bring you back to you. When you connect to the energy of Chi and consciously practice the affirmations and meditations you are choosing to live life in a new way. By doing so, you awaken the Divine essence within, for you to know and experience the Divine flowing through you, as you. 

Its 'value' is the difference it makes to your life when you practice the art of conscious connection to find the true meaning to life. And as Chi changes your life it changes children’s lives too. We are working towards a global consciousness of Peace and Love supporting each other and our passion is to support Children globally with our profits to make positive change!

Trust Your Soul To Guide You...

Your soul wants you to experience your life through the Divine.

The action of 'consciously' choosing your collection piece  invokes the energy of that piece to be within, it will take you on a journey of awakening through its meaning and vibration. Practice the affirmations and meditations and trust that the piece you choose is what your soul is calling for. 

Theres a Meaning and Purpose to Life...

The meaning to life is to find and express yourself as Divinity, and its purpose is for you to experince life through being Divine.

The Divine lives in you, through you and as you. Are you aware of this truth?

Do you live life from the OUTside-in or INSIDE-out? Chi is here to help you experience and live life in a new way


HOW: Simply by acknowledging your Divine I AM instantly changes your vibration, and from your daily Conscious Connection Meditation that comes with each Spinning Pendant you start to align your awareness with the energy that you are. Becoming consciously conscious of who you are, how you think, what you say and how you act changes your life. I will share with you the techniques that I use daily which are simple and easy to do... 

RESULTS: I guarantee you that once you start connecting and listening to your still voice within, you will feel more grounded, alert, your inner awareness will reflect your outer, you will have more energy and you will start to live life in a new way. All of these will bring you to living with inner peace. Life changes the moment you acknowledge and understand that you are a Divine Being having a Human Being experience in the play of life.