The Purpose of CHI

We all look for new things, we all have emotional attachment to external things, that is part of life, but we don't need them when we live from our Divine essence. The attachment becomes less and the pleasure greater. But… 

We live in the 21st century where life can be demanding, chaotic, stressful and lonely. We have over 8 billion people on the planet who are living life from their perspective. Humanity is at a crisis point and It is no wonder we have the sadness that we witness daily around the world. But why? Why is life like this?

My belief is that a high proportion of the human population focus on living life from their mind, creating the reality that everything they need is out-side of themselves. This is the common trap of attaining external wealth and I'm not talking money here, but the cycle of needing more external things in exchange for a feel-good factor. Eventually the feel good factor lessons or something happens that makes you stop and question, "there’s got to be more to life than this" and so the search begins (again outside of one’s self), a search that is often called the 'spiritual path'... but taking this journey from the same mindset of looking outside of one’s self often leads you on a very long path, when in fact all that you are searching for is yourself.

When you live life from the outside-in and not the inside-out, life can be difficult, you might experience a feeling of disconnection to life, feel lonely, anxious or stressed which can create disease. You are who you are looking for and you only need to look within and connect with your inner heart to experience life in a new way. This is the way to experience inner peace. WE must work on our inner self first! 

This is the purpose of Chi as it helps you to connect to your inner self through each collection’s meaning, you will feel connected to yourself and have more energy. Becoming aware of and embracing who you are, empowers you to live life in a new way...

CHI Peace Pendant

The Beginning...

In 2009 whilst sitting in deep meditation, I would journal words and shapes. These soon became the jewellery that you see today. I had been searching outside of myself for many years and it was my journey of embodying CHI that brought me to look within, and this is where I found what I had always been look for...MY I AM, My Divine Self! 

Chi  is more than just jewellery, each collection has meaning, purpose and value and vibrates at a high frequency to align you with your higher self. It’s unique, chic and tactile with its spinning centres that assist is bringing balance as you connect in meditation. There are 5 collections Balance, Compassion, Harmony, Infinity and Peace. Explore each collection here.

Its 'meaning' calls upon the wisdom for a new way of Being to live a Balanced life with Compassion for self and others, to feel the Harmony of love and to understand the Infinity of Soul energy that we hold to create Peace for self and the world.

Its 'purpose' through all 5 collections is to bring you back to you - your Divine I AM Essence. Chi gently nudges your awareness to the infinite Divine energy that you already are and calls upon the art of Conscious Divine Connection. The action of consciously choosing your collection piece invokes the energy vibration of that piece and as your whole Being absorbs the energy you will transmit that energy out into the universe... It can be no other way! 

Its 'value' is the difference it makes to your life when you practice the art of connection and as Chi changes your life it changes children’s lives too. We are working towards a global consciousness of Peace and Love supporting each other and our passion is to support Children globally with our profits to make positive change!

Let Your Soul Guide You

The action of 'consciously' choosing your collection piece  invokes the energy vibration of that piece to be within. As your consciousness connects to and absorbs the energy through the Chi meditations you naturally transmit that energy out into the universe and the universe naturally transmits it back. It can be no other way.

Raise Your Vibration

Each collection has interchangeable centrepieces that spin, making this a very calming and therapeutic range of jewellery. Use these pieces whilst meditating and chanting to raise your energy, connect with your Divine I AM Essence, get clarity and inspiration from your connection. Each collection has a Divinely channelled meditation to assist you with your inner journey with an I AM Affirmation. The spinning pendants are great to dowse with for Divine guidance too! 


HOW: Simply by acknowledging your Divine I AM instantly changes your vibration, and from your daily Conscious Connection Meditation that comes with each Spinning Pendant you start to align your awareness with the energy that you are. Becoming consciously conscious of who you are, how you think, what you say and how you act changes your life. I will share with you the techniques that I use daily which are simple and easy to do... 

RESULTS: I guarantee you that once you start connecting and listening to your still voice within, you will feel more grounded, alert, your inner awareness will reflect your outer, you will have more energy and you will learn to see life in a new way. All of these will bring you to living with inner peace. Life changes the moment you acknowledge and understand that you are a Divine Being having a Human Being experience in the play of life.