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  1. Each chakra within your energy body is associated with its own colour and each colour holds an energy vibration.

    Everything in the universe is comprised of energy, including you! We are all made of energy, the universe is the one source of Divine energy which we are all part of, connected to and that which flows through us. The word ‘Chakra’ derives from the Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel’ and literally translated from Hindi tradition it means ‘wheel of spinning energy’. The 7 major chakras are energy centres that connect your spiritual body to your physical body and are like a whirling vortex of energy, they are your powerhouse of energy that governs your physical body.

    CROWN or 7th Chakra

    The top of your head is the home of your Crown Chakra which is seen as White  in colour and some traditions see it as violet. This powerful energy vortex connects you to all that is in the universe, it is the Chakra of Divine purpose and enlightenment. The Universal energy of consciousness enters your energy body through this point and connects you to unlimited energy for you to experience Divine consciousness and bliss. The Crown is the direct access point for consciousness to enter the spiritual body and governs the top half of the body, its connection through the chakra energy system allows Divine energy to flow through to your Base chakra and into Mother Earth for grounding.

    Each Chakra is associated with certain organs in the body and this chakra is associated with: Cerebral cortex, central nervous system and pineal gland. Influences all senses.

    Signs that your Crown chakra is in Balance:

    The Crown is your powerhouse for direct access to Divine Consciousness and when in balance brings a state of bliss.  The knowing that you are connected to all that is, liberates your soul from the physical weights of life. From this state of consciousness, you experience life in a new way as you set yourself free from old patterns of behaviour and limitations. The ability to access enlightened wisdom with precise clarity is a gift from a balanced Crown energy centre.

    Signs that your Crown chakra is out of balance:

    As your Crown is the gateway to consciousness it feels wrong to say that this powerhouse could be out of balance. If anything, I would describe it as underactive and the imbalance lies within the 6 chakras below and so balancing and energising the lower energy centres will bring you closer to experiencing the conscious divine energy in your Crown centre. From a physical perspective the feeling of being disconnected to spirit, not feeling in alignment with your body or that you are always living in the mind.

    Ways to restore balance to your Crown chakra:

    Crystals – The colour of the Crown chakra is White or Violet and so these coloured crystals will help to heal and activate the energy. There are great benefits to connecting to crystals and wearing them near the chakra point or even sitting with them in meditation. The Crown chakra sits at the top of your head and is the energy portal for cosmic connection.

    Clear Quartz is a very empowering crystal that assists with raising your spiritual awareness and expands consciousness. Due to its power, this amazing energy crystal holds memory and can be programmed to assist you in connecting with your spirit guides and assist you with your psychic abilities. Wear this beautiful energy filled crystal to open your chakras and raise your energy vibration. Amethyst is purple in colour and comes in many shades; a powerful crystal that’s helps to cleanse and re-balance energies to give clarity of mind. Sit with this crystal to help you in meditation and ask for it to help you connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels and beings of light. To open and activate the Crown wear Selenite as this will cleanse your auric field allowing you to be released from any attached stagnant energy. If you are longing to have access to the Divine consciousness, then wear Diamond as this opens the possibilities for higher connection. We all store our emotions within our bodies and the Diamond can be used for clearing stale energy held within and if not released can create disease.

    There are many ways to use crystals for balancing and grounding your chakra energy points, one simple way is to wear them close to the chakra, you can place them on or near the chakra centre whilst you sleep. Intension is everything and simply wearing the stone as a bracelet, necklace, ring or anklet will connect you to its healing powers. Find a way that you feel comfortable with so that you enjoy the process.

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    Other ways to restore balance in the Crown chakra

    Meditation is the most powerful way to heal the Crown chakra due to its location. As this is the gateway to Divine Consciousness sitting in meditation visualising the Crown opening and imagine a bright white light is pouring in. As the light fills the Crown chakra feel its gentle vibration and say to yourself “I AM Divine Consciousness, Divine energy lives in me, through me, as me, and so it is”. Visualise the light travelling down from your head into your neck, down both arms and into your chest, filling your whole body with consciousness energy. This is the energy that you are and as the light travels down into your lower body keep repeating the affirmation “I AM Divine Consciousness, Divine energy lives in me, through me, as me, and so it is”. As the light reaches down and fills your feet now visualise the light going down into mother earth and anchoring the light.

    Meditation need not be long process, a simple 5 minute conscious meditation will help you to feel the connection. Meditation is a way of connecting with your soul and the soul of the universe. This is what brings inner peace. As you go about your day bring your awareness to your Crown energy centre and imagine a violet diamond spinning just above the Crown re-energising the chakra. This will also bring you balance and connection to this portal of energy.