Crystal Meaning and Characteristic

I've listed here the names of crystals that I use to make my Mala Necklaces along with their energy properties. Crystals are minerals that have formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. There are many types of crystal and each has its own appearance depending upon its natural characteristic of its type. I would recomend you cleanse your crystals in sunlight and place in a window during a full moon phase as this is said to energise crystals.

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I AM Abundant - I AM Enough - I AM Succesful - I AM Healthy - I AM Beautiful

AMETHYST - Crown Chakra

Strengthens Spiritual connection and is a fierce protector

Experience - Divine Connection - Strengthens Intuition - Self Empowerment - Self Love - Protection & Safety - Inner Peace - Calm Mind

Aids - Spirit Connection - Inner Wisdom - Meditation - Spiritual Connection - Calms Emotions - Anxiety - Psychic Attacks

ANGELITE - 3rd Eye-Crown-Throat Chakras

A high vibration crystal that aligns the Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra's

Experience - Unconditional Love - Awareness of Your Guardian Angels - Deeper Spiritual Connection

Aids - Personal Protection - Self Healing - Angels and Spirit Guide Connection - Awakens Your Inner Spirit 


SELENITE - Crown Chakra

Pure high vibration with the ability to cleanse, purify and align you with your highest potential.

Experience - Crown Chakra Activation - Deep Meditation - Higher Realm Connection - Energy Cleanse - Energy Support  

Aids - Anxiety - Fear - Anger - Grief 


A beautiful peaceful stone that is perfect for dispelling fears, worries, anxiety and calms an overactive mind whilst enhancing your connection to the angelic realms

Experience - Clear Mind - Angelic Connection - Divine Power - Deep Understanding - Higher Consciousness - Feeling Safe - 

Aids - Meditation - Over Active Mind - Spiritual Connection - Fear - Sleep

AMAZONITE - Crown Chakra

Pure high vibration with the ability to cleanse, purify and align you with your highest potential.

Experience - Balanced Mind/Views - Protection - Feeling Loved - In Balance - Calm - Peaceful - Soothed - Good Luck

Aids - Trauma - Anxiety - Lonliness - Grief - Over Generosity/Taken Advantage Of - Business Protection


Tears of Lord Shiva-Sacred seed

Experience - Potent Protection - Achieve Goals - Success - EMF and 5g Protection - Sense of Calm - Freedom - 

Aids - Anxiety - Health Issues - Wealth Issues - 


BODHI ROOT - Crown Chakra

The bead of enlightenment and wisdom to assist you on your spiritual journey

Experience - Inner Calm - Spiritual Awareness - Deeper Spiritual Connection 

Aids - Meditation - Self Healing - Spiritual Journey to Enlightenment - Mindfulness

CREAM HOWLITE - Crown Chakra

A calming and power enhancing crystal to assist with communication

Experience - Sense of Calm - Patience - Open Mind - Perserverance

Aids - Sleep - Over Thinking - Enhances Memory - Verbal Communication with Kindness - Anxiety

MOONSTONE - Heart Chakra

Assists with opening the heart  and connects you to your Inner Goddess

Experience - Joy - Peace - Self Empowerment - Self Love - Divine Femine Connection - Attract Love - Express Love

Aids - Fertility - Sensuality - Hormone Balance - Spiritual Connection - Calms Emotions

ROSE QUARTZ - Heart Chakra

Heals the heart centre for you to experience unconditional love

Experience - Unconditional Love - Attract New Love - Heart Healing -  Self Love 

Aids - Stress -  Emotional Pain - Promotes Positivity - Calms Emotions - Enhances Positive Self-Affirmations


MORGANITE – BERYL - Heart Chakra

A beautiful stone to cleanse the emotional body, heal old wounds, create loving thoughts and attract a soul mate into your life.

Experience - Joy - Peace - Self Love - Loving Thoughts & Actions - Attract Love - Express Love - Healing of Old Wounds

Aids - Stress - Anxiety - Calms Emotions - Trauma  

FELDSPAR - Heart Chakra

When you feel your emotions need balancing then Feldspar will assist you along with bringing you luck 

Experience - Emotional Balance - Manifest Dreams - Heart Healing -  Positivity - New Friendships - Good Luck in Business and Personal

Aids - Negative Emotions - Luck - Heart Trauma

RHODONITE - Heart Chakra

An exceptional stone to assist with all matters of the heart along with clearing old patterns of behaviour in the highest love vibration

Experience - Joy - Peace - Self Love - Loving Relationships - Clear Communication - Self Confidence - Healing of Old Wounds

Aids - Clears Old Patterns - Broken Heart - Stress - Fear - Anxiety -  


MOOKAITE - Root - Sacral - Solar Plexus Chakras

Assist with feeling safe and secure as Mookaite activates your root, sacral and solar plexus all of which help you to feel grounded and secure in life

Experience - Inner Spirit Awakening - Feel Grounded - Confident - Safe - Secure - Inner Peace

Aids - Negative Emotions - Sleep - Confidence - Decision Making - Stress


Assists with grounding your energy through your Base Chakra and guides you into a higher state of being to help you let go of painful situations.

Experience - Inner Calm- Positivity - Higher State of Being - Clear Communication - Manifest Dreams - Feelings of Stability & Security

Aids - Depression - Stress - Fear - Anxiety - Concentration - Communication - Sleep & Nightmares - Manifesting - Low Mood

HEMATITE - Root Chakra

A powerfully grounding stone that helps you to root your body and mind back to earth - a perfect manifesting stone! 

Experience - Your Dreams! - Grounded Feeling - Security - Stability - Positive Mind

Aids - Inflamation - Insecurity - Manifesting - Unearthed Energies

BLACK AGATE - Root Chakra

A stone of courage and perserverance along with being fiercly protective helping you to feel grounded and safe

Experience - Inner Power and Courage - Calm Energy - Self Esteem - Balanced in Energy and Emotions - Grounding - Safe 

Aids - Aids Sleep - Fear - Anxiety - Self Worth - Bereavement - Insecurity

SHUNGITE - Root Chakra

Known at the Miracle Stone! A natural healer, energy stabilizer and protector against harmful EMF and 5g radiation. A must in todays world where we are surrounded by unseen radiation.

Experience - Balance - Protection - Calm - Cleansing - Purifying - Positive Energy - Neutralising - Detoxifying - Clear Mind

Aids - Geopathic Stress - Unearthed Energies - Negative Energy 

Theres a Meaning and Purpose to Life...

The meaning to life is to find and express yourself as Divinity, and its purpose is for you to experince life through being Divine.

The Divine lives in you, through you and as you. Are you aware of this truth?

Do you live life from the OUTside In or INSIDE Out? Chi is here to help you experience and live life in a new way


HOW: Simply by acknowledging your Divine I AM instantly changes your vibration, and from your daily Conscious Connection Meditation that comes with each Spinning Pendant you start to align your awareness with the energy that you are. Becoming consciously conscious of who you are, how you think, what you say and how you act changes your life. I will share with you the techniques that I use daily which are simple and easy to do... 

RESULTS: I guarantee you that once you start connecting and listening to your still voice within, you will feel more grounded, alert, your inner awareness will reflect your outer, you will have more energy and you will start to live life in a new way. All of these will bring you to living with inner peace. Life changes the moment you acknowledge and understand that you are a Divine Being having a Human Being experience in the play of life.