The Miracle Stone from Mother Earth



Shungite is known as the Miracle Stone of Life found in Russia and is over 2 billion years old and deposits are extremely rare. The Republic of Karelia, in the North-Western region of Russia, is the only place on Earth where it can be found. Reveered as one of the most powerful stones on earth for its ability to transform negative energy into positive and give ultimate protection.   

The name of shungite stone derives from Shunga village in Karelia, where one of the first large deposits of shungite was found. The name was given by professor Alexander Aleksandrovich Inostrantsev back in 1885. Professor Inostrantsev also wrote the first in-depth scientific work about shungite which later became widely recognized all over Europe and attracted attention to this unique shungite stone from Russia. However, the healing properties of shungite were well-known in Russia since the beginning of the 18th century. Contributed by the insight of Karelian population and personal efforts of Czar Peter the Great, the first spa in Russia Martial Waters was opened in 1719. Springs situated in the area were believed to be affected by the nearby deposits of then-unknown black coal-like mineral. This started the wave of first, although inconclusive, studies of the mysterious shungite stone from Russia. This slow-moving process in the end led to the much expanded work of Professor Inostrantsev.

Shungite Properties

Properties of shungite stone are defined by its structure and it consists of particular carbon molecules called fullerenes and Shungite is the only natural stone that contains them. The most interesting part is that fullerenes act like antioxidants and prevent some types of cell damage by neutralizing free radicals.

Fullerenes are powerful and long-acting antioxidants. Antioxidants react with free radicals and stop the chain reactions that can lead to cell damage and degenerative diseases. Fullerenes help normalize cell metabolism, increase enzyme activity, give stability to cells, and boost the regenerative capacity of body tissues. They have anti-inflammatory properties, and can help reduce pain and stress. Shungite, being a rich source of fullerenes, offers these health benefits to the individual using it.

Since its discovery, shungite stone has been used in various spheres starting from metallurgy and ending with the spa treatment. Nevertheless, shungite products can be handy in everyday routine as well. 

When speaking about shungite stone, we must bear in mind that there are three different types of shungite, each with its distinguishing features. The classification is basically built on the amount of carbon in stone structure.

  1. The rarest type of shungite has up to 98 % of carbon in its structure. Only 1 % of all found shungite stones belong to this type, and that is why it bears a name “Elite shungite” or “Silver shungite”for its silver glance. Elite shungite is unique is the most efficient in filtering and protection.
  2. Stones with 50-70 % of carbon amount are usually called “Petrovsky Shungite” or Type 2 Shungite. Its structure is not that fragile as of elite shungite which makes it possible to polish and process it.
  3. Shungite with 30-50 % of carbon is regular shungite. It is grey when non polished and raw and it gets black color after being polished. It is commonly used not only as jewelry and healing crystals but also in construction and industry. This type is the most common in bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry as well as pyramids and spheres.


Shungite Benefits and Usage

The rich mineral structure of a shungite fights against microbes, brings harmful substances out of a body, accelerates a metabolism, treats skin and joint diseases and promotes healing of wounds to name a few! This miracle stone has many benefits from simply wearing Shungite, having Shungite items around you, Orgonite Pyrmaids, Jewellery, Shungtie Water and Shungite Body Products.

Here are a few more benefits Shungite is known for:

  • Powerful protective stone - shields the wearer from negative energies of all kinds, including psychic protection.
  • Shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc. EMF and MMW are harmful invisible waves emitted by electronical devices. These waves make us feel fatigued, they cause headaches and geopathic stress. Shungite, thanks to fullerenes and high carbon content, has  natural shielding properties, it protects us from EMF and MMW radiation. You will feel less stressed, which is immensely important in the modern world.
  • Provides healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Shungite products are widely used for meditations, rituals, grounding, yoga, and many other purposes.
  • Cell rejuvenation - is a catalyst for growth and transformation. Due to high content of carbon and unique chemical structure, shungite has natural healing properties. By having a shungite item, you will improve your immune system, normalize your blood pressure and blood circulation, you will feel that you sleep better and feel less stressed.
  • Raises your energy vibration and increases the feeling of personal power.
  • Grounds energies to the earth.
  • Promotes positivity and restores emotional balance.
  • Clears and balances aura and chakras. Shungite represents the Root Chakra. By balancing and cleaning your Root Chakrak with Shungite, you wil restore your physiological state of being and you will safer. Shungite will provide you with positive soothing vibrations which have the most positive impact on your overall wellbeing.
  • Enhances metaphysical abilities and assists with spiritual growth.
  • Boosts energy.

Shungite Water

Probably, shungite stones are most famous for their filtering properties. As it has been said previously, shungite consists of carbon molecules which can effectively purify water. Thanks to unique chemical composition and high sorption capacity shungite stoneabsorbs up to 95% of water polluting elements including lead, nitrates and many other harmful chemicals and organic compounds.

When water is treated with shungite, the antioxidants in this mineraloid eliminate free radicals and other impurities in the water, and the fullerenes give it medicinal properties. It's no wonder that water bodies (springs or lakes) near the sources of shungite are known to have very pure water which has been used for healing purposes.

What is most important, shungite stone not just cleans water but also makes it mineralized and endues with therapeutic properties. Shungite water has optimal micromineral composition that will strengthen your immune system, improve functioning of digestive system, activate cellular regeneration and blood circulation. Besides, shungite water will fill you with essential nutrients and minerals.

It may sound like something intricate but making shungite water is really easy.  Shungite has been scientifically proven to assist with protection from electromagnetic stress/radiation, whether it is worn or simply placed on or near electronic devices, the benefits of this amazing stone are priceless.

At first, you need to choose what kind of shungite stones you are going to use. Both regular and elite shungite water stones in their raw form are suitable. Regular shungite stones contain about 30-65% of carbon; and elite (or noble) shungite may contain almost 98% of it. Therefore, elite shungite stones are considered to be more efficient and in comparison with regular shungite you will need fewer elite stones to filter the same amount of water.

Step by step instructions:

  • Put 150-200 grams of regular shungite stones or 50-70 grams of elite shungite stones per one liter of water. Available here
  • Let the water sit for a couple of hours and then drink at least three glasses of it a day as a preventive care.

Clear water is an integral part of healthy lifestyle so do shungite stone!


EMF & 5 g Protection

Another most common way to use shungite stone is to ensure your comprehensive protection. Nowadays people are surrounded by various gadgets and electrical devices all day and all night. Modern technologies make our life very convenient; however, they can also be a source of danger. More specifically, such devices (like smartphones, laptops, etc.) emit electromagnetic radiation and create electromagnetic fields that may cause headaches, lack of energy and attention, issues with eyesight and sleep. In the long run
even a slight amount of EMF exposure may increase the risk of cancer. Moreover, natural electromagnetic fields of the Earth may be harmful to people; such phenomenon is called geopathic stress. Zones where geopathic stress reaches the highest levels may negatively influence health and result in weak immune system.

Both natural and man-made EMFs are extremely dangerous for children, whose immune system are still developing and people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity is increasing on an alarming scale.

How to be safe with shungite stone?

It has been scientifically proven that shungite helps to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. Thanks to its unique
structure and physical properties shungite stone neutralize about 90% of electromagnetic waves emitted by different gadgets keeping their signals intact. In modern world when it is impossible to keep distance from the sources of EMF. So, shungite stone is the cheapest way to protect yourself and your loved ones.
All you need to do is to place a shungite product beside you. For example, you can put a shungite pyramid or sphere near your working space to reduce EMF from a computer or put sticky shungite plate on your phone and other gadgets to reduce the radiation from devices you constantly use. Just keep in mind that protective and EMF blocking properties of shungite items depends on their size. In other words, the bigger shungite pyramid or sphere you have, the more protected you are. In addition, you can wear shungite jewellery or just put a small shungite stone in your pocket so you can be safe at any time and place.

For the bedrooms, shungite pyramids are not advisable for use, as their high energy levels may cause sleep disturbances in some. It is fine to use shungite spheres or eggs in bedrooms.


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