WHAT is Orgonite

Orgonite consists of 3 components resin, metals and crystals and is a continuous and highly efficient transmutation device that draws in negative life energy and re-harmonizes it into positive energy having a profound effect on your well-being and the environment. The structure of Orgonite means that it is a constantly switched on healing tool. 

The name Orgonite comes from ‘ Orgone’, the name given by Wilhelm Reich to vital life force energy, also known as Chi, Aether or Prana. This energy is what we are all made of, it is all encompassing, divine and eternal and Wilhelm Reich discovered that there were different states of energy, POR (Positive Orgone Radiation) or DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation).

Reich found that the original pure positive life force energy was being negatively affected by man-made fields or waves (EMF) which we are surrounded by globally today, from such things as microwaves, radio and mobile waves, electrical masts and lines, 5g waves (which will have a devastating negative impact on our planet), WLAN radiation along with the omnipresent radiation of electronic devices that continually surround us in our homes, work places and even in the countryside. There are two types of EMF’s: Low frequency and high frequency. Low EMF’s are emitted by electricity and appliances. High frequency EMF’s (also know as radio frequency or RF) are generated by wireless devices. And it is the high frequency devices that we are attached to the most - mobile phones, tablets, earphones etc!

There is no getting away from such devices, but with Orgonite, you can shield yourself and your family from these harmful waves that have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

Although Reich did not create Orgonite, it was his ground breaking research that then led to the further development of Orgonite. Orgonite pyramids, pendants and other products have now been helping people globally to protect and shield their own life force energy.

Everything in the Universe is energy (also known as chi or prana) and holds a vibration. We are energy, and our whole being is affected by the vibration that we are. That vibration can be positive or negative and in today's world we have many sources of negative chi that impacts our physical and emotional well-being. Our modern world has so many unexplained illnesses and behaviours and our planet is increasingly being burdened with negative sources of energy, that is impacting our natural state of well-being.

As I said, there is no getting away from these harmful radioactive waves of energy that emit from your personal divices ie.  your mobile phone, earphones, tablets, laptops, infact just about anything that has wifi is affecting your natural state of wellbeing. You can be pro-active and use Orgonites to transform negative energy into positive in your home and workplace to shield yourself and also wear organite as jewellery.



Basically put, Orgonite draws in negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy. If you visualise a room in your home (i.e. your kitchen) and know that although you can’t see it, the room is filled with energy which will consist of positive (harmonic/natural) and negative (disharmonic/unnatural) waves of energy. Due to the material structure of the orgonite it will rearrange those energies draw in the negative waves, rearrange and reharmonize them into positive. They are then released as pure positive energy waves that have a healing impact on the human, plant and animal energy field.

The layout of the pyramid formation is that the negative energy is pulled in through the base of the pyramid and the re-harmonized positive energy releases through the quartz crystal at the point of the pyramid. Copper is wrapped around the crystal to act as an amplifier of releasing the positive orgone (chi).


Orgonite has become a very popular healing tool, not just for healers but for those who are aware of the devastating impact of EMF and 5g radioactive waves.

As long as you have an Orgonite that has the right proportions of properties then having Orgonite on your personally, placed in your home and work space is enough.

By placing an Orgonite Pyramid in each corner of your home, you can transmute deadly Orgon energy emitted by your electrical devices and build a shield of protection; it is also good to place Orgonite next to any major EMF emitters (High Frequency) such as wireless devices.

Orgonite can help in many ways by boosting your energy levels, they will assist with healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by clearing negative orgone from your energy field to raise your vibration, creating a higher and more balanced state.

The EMF waves impact everything in life and the human body has stress responses to them which can show as:

Increased blood sugar

Increased blood pressure and heart rate

Disease within the body system

Diminished blood flow and oxygen to organs

Depression / anxiety

Interference with cell metabolism

Arthritis and more…


ALL of the materials that I use have been cleansed and charged before making the pyramid, charging plate and pendants. The intention is set within each piece for it to support the receiver to their highest good for healing and soul growth.

Use your Orgonite as a divine tool to assist you in life. Whether you are aware of crystal energy or not, believe that each crystal has its own energy and power to assist you release negative energy and recharge positive energy into your being and life. It is simply the intention of connecting with your crystal that will align you with its energy.