Compassion is feeling anothers pain and having the strong desire to ease their suffering. It can be difficult to feel compassion if we are in judegement, therefore it is when we tame the egoic mind, drop judgement, open our hearts and step into the vibration of love we can BE Compassion. Love and Compassion are on the same energy vibration and go hand in hand. 

Allow this energy enthused collection to teach you the art of Compassion and be your constant reminder to simply let go of judgement. When we practice the art of Compassion life changes… set yourself free and cultivate your mind with positive thought and positive things will happen!

Tibetan Buddhists believe saying the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessing from this calming Buddha.

AFFIRMATION - I AM free of judegement, I AM accepting of all things, I AM Love

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