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Sacral Chakra

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Each chakra within your energy body is associated with its own colour and each colour holds an energy vibration.

Everything in the universe is comprised of energy, including you! We are all made of energy, the universe is the one source of Divine energy which we are all part of, connected to and that which flows through us. The word ‘Chakra’ derives from the Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel’ and literally translated from Hindi tradition it means ‘wheel of spinning energy’. The 7 major chakras are energy centres that connect your spiritual body to your physical body and are like a whirling vortex of energy, they are your powerhouse of energy that governs your physical body.



The Sacral Chakra colour is orange and is located between the base of your spine and your belly button. It is home to your creative life force energy and is the powerhouse associated with your emotions, sexuality, desire, procreation, pleasure and creativity. The Sacral is connected to the energy that motivates you to enjoy and indulge in the pleasures of life through the senses, whether that be auditory, taste, touch or sight. Having this energy centre open and balanced allows you to feel the world in and around you, giving the sense of well-being. If you want to experience the true pleasures of life with deep meaningful relationships, then keep this chakra well balanced.

Each Chakra is associated with certain organs in the body and this chakra is associated with: Lower abdomen, bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs, glands and your circulatory system. Also influences the sense of taste.

Signs that your Sacral chakra is in balance:

When this chakra is in balance you will experience a sense of wellness, abundance, enjoyment of life’s pleasures and life feels good and easy as you have a good relationship with the world and people around you.

Signs that your Sacral chakra is out of balance:

On a physical level you may show signs of emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behaviour, addictions, obesity, restlessness and hormone imbalances. You may experience joint, lower back pain and have problems with your spleen and kidneys. As this is the chakra associated with your emotions, depression, being overly sensitive, experiencing anxiety can all be signs that the Sacral is out of balance.  Having poor boundaries and needing co-dependency are also signs on a spiritual level that the Sacral is out of balance.

Ways to restore balance to your Sacral chakra:

Crystals – The colour of the Sacral is orange and so orange coloured crystals will help to heal and activate the energy. There are great benefits to connecting to crystals and wearing them near the chakra point or even sitting with them in meditation. The sacral sits just above your Base/Root chakra and so mixing orange crystals with those associated with the Base Chakra will amplify healing.

Orange Carnelian will aid healing and clear any blockages within this powerful energy spot. This stone is also believed to support your intuition connecting you to your “gut feeling” which is associated with your Solar Plexus which sits just above your Sacral. Another stone that also works with the Solar Plexus is the Yellow Citrine, this will help you to become strong in decision making, elevates creativity and boosts energy. The Tiger’s Eye is an excellent crystal for healing the Sacral- this powerful stone will bring balance emotionally, physically and spiritually. And if that wasn’t enough it will help your sex drive too! With this powerhouse you get 3 for the price of 1 as it will also work with your Base and Solar Plexus energy centres.

There are many ways to use crystals for balancing and grounding your chakra energy points, one simple way is to wear them close to the chakra, you can place them on or near the chakra centre whilst you sleep. Intension is everything and simply wearing the stone as a bracelet, necklace, ring or anklet will connect you to its healing powers. Find a way that you feel comfortable with so that you enjoy the process.

You can purchase your Sacral Chakra ring here

Other ways to restore balance in the Sacral chakra

Your Sacral chakra sits just above the Base Chakra which is the fundamental energy centre for balancing your whole energy system. And so there are many similarities between them when it comes to restoring balance in your Sacral.

To balance your Sacral one of the first steps is to be in Gratitude for where you are right now. Be grateful for your home, your work and your relationships, which may not feel easy if you are unhappy in any of these areas but look for the good in every situation. Gratitude raises your vibration and brings about a positive feeling within.

A sign that your Sacral has an imbalance is the feeling of being unsatisfied with life which can bring about addictive behaviours as you constantly try to fulfil yourself with external things. As you go about your day learn to distinguish how you fulfil your needs, are those actions really fulfilling you and making you happy. Start with asking yourself “Is this good for me right now?”, “Does my body want this?”, “Is this feeding my soul?”. Bring the thoughts into your heart as you ask them and listen for the answer which can come very gently, almost as a knowing. When you learn to connect with your inner heart you make choices that are good for you and you start to experience life in a new way.

The Sacral is your creative life force energy and is the powerhouse associated with your emotions, sexuality, desire, procreation, pleasure and creativity spend time doing simple pleasures like connecting with friends and family, enjoy laughter, immerse yourself in doing some art, go out into nature and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer you.

Practice Mindfulness to balance your Sacral, as when there is an imbalance there can be anger issues, jealousy, resentment and fear which are all experiences created from the mind. One quote that gave me an awakening moment in my life is “Everyone only lives from their perspective of the world” ... this was a game changer for me and it allowed me to move away from judgement of others and myself. Think about it, everyone is only living from all their experiences to that point, their behaviour will be from their experiences in life. Learn to live without judgment and when you catch yourself judging, stop, connect to your breath to release the negative thoughts and release the judgement. Its as simple as that. When there is no judgement you experience Compassion.

Meditation is a wonderful way to bring balance to your energy centres, to raise your vibration and for you to have inner connection to self. 

Affirmations - Another way to help bring balance to your Sacral is by using positive affirmations to ground positive energy into the sub-conscious mind. Make a list of affirmations that raise your vibration. Here are a few examples that help the Sacral.

I AM safe and always protected

I AM supported in every way

I AM loved

I AM happy with my life

I AM deeply grateful for all that I have

I AM happy with my body

I AM strong, and I AM powerful

I have boundaries that protect me

I AM happy with my own company

There are also holistic treatments and healing modalities that can help to restore your chakra system. 


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