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 ROOT or BASE - Chakra

The colour red shows this very important energy centre located at the base of your spine and of the 7 major chakra centres it is the closest to the earth; it is the root and foundation for the rest of the chakra system. Not surprising therefore, its purpose is to connect and ground you to the energy of Mother Earth and it’s important to have this chakra in balance. Think of your day to day physical survival and in this modern age we associate this more to financial and emotional security. The root is connected to physical identity and aspect of self, supporting the foundation for living life.

Each chakra is associated with certain organs in the body and this chakra is associated with: legs, feet, bones, large intestines and adrenal glands. Being the chakra for survival it controls your fight or flight response confirming its association with the adrenal glands. Also influences the sense of smell.

Signs that your Root chakra is in balance:

When this powerhouse is in balance you feel connected, balanced and confident in life and yourself. You feel loved and find relationships easy and life flows beautifully. Feeling your inner connection and being in balance manifesting comes easy for you to experience abundance in all areas of your life.

Signs that your Root chakra is out of balance:

When the energy isn’t flowing freely and becomes blocked in your base energy centre, you may experience the feeling of being abandoned, lonely, stuck and even feel disconnected to self. This energy centre governs your day to day survival so when out of balance it is common to have low energy, little enthusiasm for life which can lead to anxiety, depression and you may have financial worries leading to a general fear for survival. You may experience lower body pain and or leg pain.

Ways to restore balance to your base/root chakra:

Crystals – red, brown or black in colour are helpful. There are great benefits to connecting to crystals and wearing them near the chakra point or even sitting with them between your legs for as little as 5-10 minutes a day. Physical activities that connect you with nature will help greatly to restore this energy centre. If it’s possible walking in woods, along a beach, gardening or even just emotionally connecting to the great outdoors.

There are of course powerful crystals, red stones and even some black crystals that can help restore balance to this important energy centre: Red Garnet is a very popular choice, Red Carnelian boosts courage and strength and is used to cleanse, unblock and activate energy. Bloodstone will help to repel negativity and build self-esteem for you to feel stronger whilst cleansing and balancing your energies. A wonderful stone that instils courage and brings comfort. Red Jasper has powerful grounding qualities and it helps to centre and balance scattered energy. Wearing this stone can give you a strong sense of stability and connection as it grounds and connects your energy to Mother Earth.

A few of the darker stones to use for rebalancing, grounding, cleansing and bringing protection are Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian and Hematite.

There are many ways to use crystals for balancing and grounding your chakra energy points, one simple way is to wear them close to the chakra, you can even place them on or near the chakra centre whilst you sleep. Intension is everything and simply wearing the stone as a bracelet, ring, anklet or necklace will connect you to its healing powers. Find a way that you feel comfortable with so that you enjoy the process.

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Your Base chakra is the fundamental energy centre for balancing your whole energy system. There are many ways in which to can help yourself to restore balance and harmony is this vital energy portal.

One of the first steps is to be in Gratitude for where you are right now. Be grateful for your home, your work and your relationships. It may not feel easy if you are unhappy in any of these areas but look for the good in every situation. Gratitude raises your vibration and brings about a positive feeling within. Because the Base is all about foundation and security being grateful for everything confirms that you are abundant and as the universe mirrors back to us that is what you will experience… abundance in all areas!

One of the fundamental reasons for Anchoring Your Energy into mother earth is for you to feel safe and connected. This also brings balance and grounding into your energy field. Visualise your Base chakra spinning and from that point imagine there is a cord of light going down from your tailbone into the earth, allow the cord to go down and down right into the centre of the earth and see it attach itself to a large crystal. This crystal can be any colour that comes into your mind; now bring the energy of that crystal back up into your Base chakra through the cord of light and hold the vision. This is a simple quick technique that you can do anywhere when you are feeling unsettled or unbalanced.

Movement is paramount for raising energy in the Base chakra especially exercises to do with the legs. Yoga is also very beneficial for opening and balancing any of the chakra centres along with Tai Chi and QiGong. Connecting with nature, so walking on the beach, in woods or round a lake.

Aromatherapy and Acupuncture are also beneficial in healing all Chakras.

Affirmations - Limiting self-belief can be crippling for anyone who suffers with low self esteem and so positive affirmations help to ground positive energy into the sub-conscious mind. Make a list of affirmations that raise your vibration. Here are a few examples that help the Base.

I AM safe and always protected

I AM supported in every way

I AM loved

I AM happy with my life

I AM deeply grateful for all that I have

The universe always provides me with abundance



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