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Everything in the universe is comprised of energy, including you! We are all made of energy, the universe is the one source of Divine energy which we are all part of, connected to and that which flows through us. We are Divine Consciousness experiencing life through our physical body.

The word ‘Chakra’ derives from the Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel’ and literally translated from Hindi tradition it means ‘wheel of spinning energy’. The 7 major chakras are energy centres that connect your spiritual body to your physical body and are like a whirling vortex of energy, they are your powerhouse of energy that governs your physical body. Think of your chakras as invisible rechargeable batteries and the source of charge comes from you being one with the Divine Universal Energy, which is a constant stream of cosmic energy in the atmosphere. This cosmic energy flows through you, energizing your chakra points and regulates the flow of energy throughout your body. Your body has an invisible map of meridian points, which act as an electrical network, connecting all your organs through its electrical current flowing from your chakras. Each chakra is connected to specific organs and so when out of balance can affect the organs that it corresponds to with possible illness.


Both are energy in different forms, the physical body relies on the energy of the spiritual body to keep it healthy and safe. Your spiritual body is the energy force that flows within your physical body and sometimes chakras can become blocked when the vibration of the energy flow is negative. Prolonged negative energy flow can result in the feeling of being out of balance either emotionally, physically or mentally which can lead to disease.


Every thought that you have is an energy form and it either has a positive or negative charge that affects your spiritual energy body. When there are too many negative thoughts you create a negative vibration within your chakra centres resulting is blocked energy within the body, which can create the feeling of dis-ease and long term can result in disease.

To experience inner peace, it is essential that you create balance with your thoughts, words and actions as all are energy.

We know there is a Universal Law that states what you put out will come back to you. This knowing gives you the power to take responsibility for every thought, word and action in your life, knowing that each creates your reality and experience in the physical, emotional and mental body. Learn to cultivate and nourish the energy within, for you to be the master of all creation brought into your reality. Living with this wisdom allows you to manifest every dream into a reality. You are the Master of Your Life, Your Experience….

Check out our future blogs where I share each chakra meaning, the organs they relate to and how to balance them.



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