Crystal Mala Necklaces - Chi Jewellery & Orgonite Healing Tools to assist you in life. Find inner peace, raise your consciousness and live knowing that you are a Divine Being of Light

Mala necklaces are typically 108 beads woven on thread with a knot between each bead and they help with meditation, mantras and repeating affirmations to bring forth your dreams and desires.

I was guided to make Mala necklaces using 75 - 85 beads depending on the length to support the energy of my Chi Spinning Pendants as I place a large silver clasp at its base for you to attach your pendant to.

It is a great way to feel supported by the crystal energy during the day and for you to manifest the power of the crystal stone into your being. Wear your Mala as if it were an energy suit of armour and a gentle nudge to align with your intentions, feel protected and energised as you go through your day.

Each crystal as its own meaning which you can see here and I recommend you allow your intuition to guide you to the perfect Mala just for you.

I was guided to support the Chi Jewellery with healing crystal energy to help support you on your inner journey.

Each mala necklace is made by myself and enthused with love. 

I am happy to make bespoke designs if there are particular crystals that you would like to support you. Please get in touch and we can discuss your request.