Your Business Success is in Your Hands Literally


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Helen Elizabeth Evans

  • The Secret to Your Business Success is in Your Hands, Literally!

6th May  2014



Have you ever really looked at your fingerprints?

Do you know their significance? It’s big!


Helen Elizabeth Evans is the UK’s No. 1 Hand & Fingerprint Analyst, and she’ll be sharing how your fingerprints are your guidebook to not only your soul purpose but also to the business you are here to create. The wisdom in your fingerprints is the key to you creating a successful purpose-driven business that earns you not only the money you want but also the fulfilment you crave.
Your Business Success really is In Your Hands! 

Did you know that your fingerprints form 5 months before you are born, 5 months before you are apparently “shaped” by your experiences?
And yet… your fingerprints are unbelievably accurate in revealing what holds you back, what keeps you stuck, what limits you, and they also reveal what really drives you subconsciously, what you need to receive to keep motivated… and that is only the beginning of the secrets you can unlock in them!


"I've been in the personal and professional development world for 25 years and have never realised that our fingerprints have such powerful keys to our purpose and challenges. I wish I'd known this stuff years ago - it would have saved me a lot of time, stress and money! "

Peter Milligan – Psychologist & Corporate Trainer


This month I’m thrilled and excited to share the UK’s No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst and Your Purpose-Driven Business Mentor, Helen Elizabeth Evans, with you.


Helen's sincerity and pizzazz for life is simply a breath of fresh air. In an industry top heavy with 'experts' I can honestly say Helen is the real deal. SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!!

Mike Blissett – The Coaching Academy + Presentation Skills Trainer

Not only is Helen an expert in fingerprint analysis but she also has a strong business background so she’ll be sharing how your business success really is in your hands and  how you can:


  • Discover your real SOUL PURPOSE, once and for all, and how your business needs to be based on it
  • Overcome your frustration and challenges, to get the clarity, focus and direction you want in your life and your business
  • Attract the right clients, the ones who will love you, by using your Natural Brand


By the end of her talk, you will

  • Know how to prevent overwhelm and exhaustion, or get out of it if you’re there right now
  • Understand why you self-sabotage your success and how you can stop doing it
  • Know your essential soul purpose
  • Feel inspired, uplifted and ready to grow your purpose-driven business your way! 

Wow, Helen you're so driven and powerful. I'm a life coach & the information in your talk helped me to niche out my market more and enlightened my mission.” Yolany Neiffer – Life Coach

Thank you for adding so much joy to my day. Your uplifting spirit and message touched me in a way that is so rare and beautiful. I feel so capable now to really dig deep and delve into my true purpose in life because you have shown me that our soul's energy is there waiting to be tapped into! THANK YOU! It is as if you are an angel sent to humanity at this time when so many of us are struggling to find our purpose AND you made the process seem so available and the soul's learning paths achievable. Blessings!” Margo Jones – Health Practitioner

Helen has a very strong sense of purpose, is totally passionate about what she does and is very generous in whatever she shares. Her genuine warmth, straight-talking style and sense of humour make her a very engaging speaker. She is deeply intuitive while also having an incredibly sharp business sense, plus she loves to give good value, so bring your questions!!

Helen Elizabeth Evans is a fabulous presenter and coach and you will be blown away by the fingerprint analysis work she does. Check her out here. It's brilliant!
Cathy Ballard – Winning Women Leader & Branding From The Heart Coach

About Helen

Helen specialises in helping her clients to become leaders in their fields and create purpose-driven businesses that are designed to make money in a REAL way. These businesses are not only aligned with the client's Soul purpose and passion but also designed to suit the client's nature.

Helen has a wide experience in various businesses. She started out her working life in the corporate world of Pathe, Canon, MGM and Virgin but moved over to working for herself in her late twenties. In her first business she imported French cherry wood furniture for 6 years. She describes that as the business she did for love! Her second business was in property services and that was so financially rewarding she continued in it for 17 years before she discovered scientific hand and fingerprint analysis, which blew her away to such an extent that she introduced it to the UK in 2010 and is now considered the UK’s number one expert in the art.

The level of detail revealed through my fingerprints blew me away, and Helen's level of expertise in analysing and interpreting the information was incredible.
Akasha Lonsdale – Psychologist

You can find out more about Helen here.


Changing one soul at a time will bring us peace!