Ways to scatter kindness

ways to scatter kindness w 600

 with a simple act of Kindness....

red heart 75 png Write kind words on a note-it pad and randomly stick them to a car windowscreens!  
  Pay a compliment to someone each day red heart 75 png
red heart 75 png Smile to at least 3 strangers each day  
  Tell your friends you love and respect them red heart 75 png
red heart 75 png Send someone a random gratitude card  
  Help an elderly person across the road red heart 75 png
red heart 75 png Buy a homeless person a hot drink and a sandwich  
  Donate to charity red heart 75 png
 red heart 75 png

 Randomly leave a kindness note in books and magazines in a library or cafe

  Tell the waiter/waiteress/shop assistant how amazing their service is  red heart 75 png

 and DON'T forget to be KIND to YOURSELF!!

give yourself the ten day challenge and do one of the above each day :-)


Most human beings are kind we just need be kinder!

If every person made the choice to be a little kinder each day then there would be major changes around the world

If every person smiled at a stranger today the energy vibration from that would have a massive impact in the world

If every person committed to being kinder to themselves it would impact every person that is connected to them

If every person told just one person they loved them every day, that would make a difference

Choose to be kinder...

and be the change you want to see in the world!