With love and gratitude


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“ Your life has nothing to do with you. It is about everyone whose life you touch, and how you touch it ” 

Neale Donald Walsh 




Sometimes life gives us opportunities that we don't take because of fear, ego or lack of courage and I've had many of those moments in my life!  There has also been many times when I just went for it against all odds which has lead me to experience some  amazing things in my life. Theres been times when people would think I was crazy but my inner knowing just pushed me forward and this event was definately one of those. Theres been a few that didn't work out as I had planned in my mind and they were very painful at the time (bankrupcy being one of them) and I went through the blame and shame scenario but SO WHAT it was all in divine order because if I hadn't had my breakdowns, depression etc I wouldn't be who I am today. And achieving what I have this weekend I actually now see myself as the person I would choose to be if I were not me! 

If there is anything that you wish to do - find the courage to do it... Life is too short to hold back.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

You know you've done a good job when you receive such wonderful comments... thankyou xxx


  • Fiona Truman Thank you, Jacqui. We appreciate your efforts for us! :-)
  • Carolina C KnightThank you for taking that soul guided step to make it happen Jacqui! For that and for being one of those that choose to make a difference in the world, you have given us a very inspirational example to follow. Straight from my heart to yours! X
  • Jayne Killin Huge achievement for you Jacqui, so glad it went so well love and hugs love Jayne xx
  • Hayley Lloyd WilkinsThanks for arranging Jacqui we had a wonderful day xxx
    Cassandra Eve Jacqui you're a beautiful example of what's possible when you listen and follow your heart, over the edge! I'm so thrilled that it was such a success Xx
  • Carole Headley Oh Jacqui thank you so much for making it all happen. What an achievement. Namaste.x I have enjoyed every minute of my time in B'ham. Done almost all touristy bit before I leave. Love the city and of course the weather has been kind too. Must be because NeLe was here. Xx
  • Amanda Miller Thank you. Will you be doing it again next year?
  • Denise Shaw What am amazing picture!!! 2 beautiful souls xx
  • Harvinder Garayal Hi Jacqui, I am very happy for you and all your efforts. Well done and wish you all the best in the future as well xxxxx
  • Gill Rutter Thank you Jacqui, what a magical day we had yesterday with Neale. So moving and inspirational. You rock! xxx
  • Jonita DsouzaJacqui Land Keavney you are truly a change-maker! It was a pleasure helping you out with the event and Neal Donald Walsch was absolutely amazing! his words of being the grandest version of the greatest vision is still resonating in my mind! thank you for doing this for all of us..<3
  • Serpent Wisdom How wonderful Jacqui bless you a job well done x x
  • Sarah Page Well done Jacqui, you did good gal. xxxxx
  • Jo Simpson Amazing Day Jacqui - thank you for all that you did. xx
  • Kaitlyn G Lyndon You did a great job! The whole thing was perfect and great venue xx
  • Roni Flatley It was a fantastic day Jacqui, thank you so much for doing all of that and bringing Neale to Birmingham xx
  • Narinder MooreFantastic Jacqui . Sounds like your heart led the way to an amazing experience for so many. Well done! X
  • Juliane Schwarz Congratulations Jaccqi! Very well done! You're such an asset for our community xxx
  • Sue GesseyYou did an amazing beautiful thing Jacqui I will never forget it thank you from my heart xxxxxxxx
  • Jane ButterworthWell done and Well deserved Jacqui Land Keavney. We may have never met but here is a big hug for such an achievement and all the hard work, and putting yourself out there!!! ((x))
  • Michelle Whitehouse Was-CoxWhat a truly amazing and unforgettable day, thank you Jacqui xxx
  • Daniel HillWell done Jacqui Land Keavney! :-D <3 xXx
  • Madeleine LandThank- you so much Jacqui Land Keavney for all your work creating a truly wonderful day that was a privilege to participate in. You truly are an awesome 'Change-Maker' and an inspiration to step up more fully! What if... we all emulated your courage? I wonder what might then emerge as actually possible??!!!! Massive hugs to you... and have a well deserved rest! :)
  • Jan JonesCongratulations Jacqui I knew it would be a great success... I didn't know anything about Neale until Friday...thoroughly enjoyed the evening, he delivered his message with great humour and a true heart... Thank you for organising the event and a big tank you to Linda for inviting me along... <3 xx


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