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What is a Spiritual Teacher? A Wisdom Bearer?

A Leader in Human Potential? A Healer?

They are simply evolved souls who have a message and knowledge to share. You may not agree with all of them, you may even not understand some of them on a conscious level, but your subconscious will rezonate with most of them!

These are but a few that I have either read their books, attended seminars, online webinars, courses or experienced healing.

Allow yourself to be attracted to the ones that serve you best, you are entering into the realms of Trust and connecting to your core (gut feeling), so always go with what feels right for you. All knowledge comes from the same source and so teachers are mostly singing the same song, just using a different tune.

Enjoy the wisdom and may you find yourself on your journey..


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Holiness Dala Lama   Dee Wallace   Neale Donald Walsch   Louise L Haye   Barefoot Doctor 
 jenifer mclean    david hamilton    julie umpleby   dr bruce lipton    chery richardson
 Jennifer McLean    Dr David Hamilton    Julie Umpleby    Dr Bruce Lipton    Cheryl Richardson
 michael beckwith 150    Maggy-Whitehouse    wayne dyer    marlise karlin    robert scwhartz
Rev. Michael Beckwith    Maggie Whitehouse    Wayne Dyer    Marlise Karlin    Robert Swarchz
 sonia choquette 150    ekhart tolle150    diana_cooper 150    van pragh    doreen virtue 150
  Sonia Chocquette    Ekhart Tolle    Diana Cooper   James Van Prague
   Doreen Virtue