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What is SOUL business? SOUL business is about aligning you to your higher purpose so that you are living your life in joy, gratitude, acceptance, love and blessing in abundance, rather than stressed, depressed, anxious, over worked and broke.

After being in and out of business for over 20 years I have finally come to understand what makes my business work...  Me! The penny finally dropped in summer 2013 when I was given the message  “You are your business, You must be in alignment with Your soul for it to work”.   I sat with my notebook as I normally do when I am meditating and asked for the wisdom to come through. I then received the Who Am I workshop. This simple yet profound workshop works with your I AM Presence, exploring and connecting with your soul at a subconscious level enabling you to find your true self and undertanding your purpose, so that you can express this in your very Being. This process helped me to understand what my purpose is and what brings me joy.

For many years I had businesses that made me happy some days and stressed on others, I have had good and bad financial experiences and I couldn't quite understand why I wasn't becoming what I thought I 'should' be. I thought I was doing everything that I 'should' be doing to get me to where I thought I 'should' be going but something just didn't add up. It always felt like I was pushing water up hill UNTIL I started to experience my own shift and transformation. Integrating the messages from Neale Donald Walsch's  Living With Your Soul and  Your Life as God (non religious) programmes was part of that shift along with working with my dear friend Stephanie Anne Dallow as we journeyed together and shared wisdom and insights that we were both given. Since then my life has changed immensly, it is a joy to live each day being my purpose, being abundant and making a difference. You see there is NO 'should', everything is in divine order and when we understand this, life is a whole new experience.

Life really flows when you swim with the tide yet many entrepreneurs are swimming against it because they are not in soul alignment and so not sure of their true purpose. When we are out of alignment we  don't know our value (but thats another topic for another day) and one that most business owners struggle with. Which way are you swimming?

If you are a visionary entrepreneur seeking guidance, looking for the tools to get you going, feeling the need for support, happy and willing to collaborate, share and grow together, then you are in the right place.

If you would like to meet like minded souls then why not join us at our globalsoul WEB meet ups... 

Over the coming months I AM launching the Authentic Business Club... the ABC to living your life of purpose so that your business can live its purpose too!

Register here to recieve information on how ABC can support you to live your life of purpose. ABC will deliver business advice,  training, webinars, free downloads, access to the members area, privalaged rates to attend our Networking events, quarterly gatherings with keynote speakers and much more.

Since doing this my life has changed, I now know my purpose; I understand what I am here to be and how to be it  and I look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

If you would like to know more about the Who AM I workshop please click here



Meet like minded authentic business women who are collaborating, sharing and supporting each other to grow their business...

Be part of this spiritual movement in empowering women to make change!


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