And so it began

Balance is when what you think,
what you say and what you do are in Harmony!

Hi, I am Jacqui Land-Keaveny, a Soul Purpose Intuitive Messenger and an inspirational Jewellery Designer using the Universal Energy (Chi) to create and inspire the evolution of this planet.

My spiritual journey started from a place of not being consciously connected to my soul. Through life programming I was feeling detached,  I felt lost, lonely, confused, depressed, anxious - in fact all the emotions that most people feel. My adventure of self discovery started over 20 years ago due to this deep feeling that something was missing. My path led me to world renowned wisdom bearers such as Neale Donald Walsch, I gained knowledge and insights from many books, I attended insightful seminars and experienced many healing modalities to realise that all I was searching for was within me. I was who I was looking for!

Each step was a stepping stone bringing me back home, back to my authentic I AM Essence. In fact, that’s just what the ‘spiritual path’ is, it’s a journey back to Beingness. And I want to share with you within this website ways to consciously connect to your Divine I AM Essence so that you live life in a new way.