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Who AM I? At sometime during your life you will ask yourself this question. This is another step of self discovery and connecting with your true essence. Your soul is your spiritual being and your physical body is the vehicle in which your soul is having a human being experience. I believe that our soul is pure and during each life time we carry karma that we are here to work through. Knowing who you are right now, what you are here to do and experience and what you have to offer to the world is enpowering. When you know all of this you can truly live your life of purpose.This shouldn't be a deep process of self anyalation; it is a journey to oneness, a journey that unlocks your true potential. It is only when we truly see our uniqueness as a gift that we are in allignment with our purpose and it is from here you will feel in flow. This is where miracles happen!

You can start this process with these simple steps...

You know your appearance so just reflect on it for a moment. 

1. Write down your physical attributes; tall, thin, short, curvy,

2. The colour of your hair and its style

3. Do you see yourself as attractive, ordinary, ugly - how do you see yourself? (This quite often isn't how others see you, so don't be too critical)

4. Your overall appearance: Do you wear trendy clothes or are you quite formal in your attire? Do you dress to impress or do you wear clothes that you are comfortable in? Do you worry what others think of your choice in clothes?

Put your notes down for a few minutes then come back to what you have written. Read all the words carefully and notice the language that you use to describe your self; is it positive or negative?

The good news is this is NOT you.... This is the exterior you, the physical human being and not your soul. Your soul came here to experience, do and achieve something and all the above is just the external part of you. They all play a part in how you experience your world, but they are not your soul.

Now take a look at what you have achieved to date:

1. School, did you enjoy school as a young child?

2. What do you remember from this experience? Are they fond memories?

3. Recall significant relationships in your life; what emotion does this bring forward? Were they deep relationships?

4. Jobs, what jobs have you had?

All of your notes are who you are as a human being. They are part of your journey, the reason for you being here. Nothing is a mistake in your life because everything happens for a reason, it is understanding what each part of the journey is about that makes easier.

Take a look at all of your notes and you will start to see patterns of behaviour etc. You will see how you attract certain people into your life. We all have habits and behaviours, some more positive than others, but each one has served it's purpose up to this point. But we have the freedom of choice and can choose at any time to change our thoughts and behaviours which will change the experiences.

If you would like to take this deeper please see the details for our one day seminar that helps you to uncover and deeply understand who you are, why you are here and what are your gifts. Knowing this empowers you to live a life of purpose and become the creator of your experiences.