"Meditation is a natural state and one that you have almost certainly tasted

although perhaps without knowing the name of the flavour"

by Osho 

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We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and within that process our inner most authentic self is inside of our physical body and so to connect with this divine part of us we need to reflect our thoughts inwards. To do this we go into meditation and this is where we find answers, it is where we see the light, feel the bliss and get to know who we are. It is a safe haven, a place to play with our soul, connect to the divine universal energy (be that God, The Tao, Universal Light, Angels, whatever you call it) that we are part of and grow spiritually.

Meditation to me is the vehicle which transports me into a state of consciousness where I am in communion with my authentic self; my almighty I AM presence. When I am in this place I have an unbelievable feeling of stillness, calm and peace.

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Are your stressed? anxious? nervous? irritable? have poor sleep patterns? does your mind constantly tell you stories?

Meditation helps you to come out of the mind and go into the core centre of your being. It is a grounding process whereby you find your roots and your etheric link to the divine source. In this place all social conditioning that has been put upon you from birth does NOT exist, it is the pure authentic you. In this place you create peace, tranquility and you are aware of the divine light that shines within you; it is the place where you grow wings and experience bliss. 

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There are many techniques for meditating and the important thing is that you find the one that is comfortable for you remembering that we are all unique beings and what may be right for a friend may not be right for you. As a beginner you may find that you struggle with switching off the mind, but be patient with yourself so that you learn to go deep into meditation. At the beginning I found it so difficult to close my mind, thoughts would rush in and out and I would lose myself purely on the thoughts going round in my head. The harder I fought to stop them the worse it became until I realised that I couldn't control my mind, but I could understand it and surrender to it. I gradually relaxed into knowing that my mind wasn't in control and once I knew this I found it easier to "let go and let god".I have had the most profound insights, messages and pictures come to me whilst in the space of consciousness which feel like they are coming from my mind so if I shut this off (as most instructors tell us to) then I may miss my insights and knowings. 

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Guided meditations are an excellent way to start meditating and there are thousands of these on the internet; at the beginning of my journey I found these to be so relaxing and it was during many of these that I found myself, released stress, and became conscious of who I am. Today I know that there is no seperation between us and the divine and so find it much easier to feel my way into surrendering my mind and going within. You will find free meditations here along with links to some of my favourite sites.
"The most important thing is to not take it too seriously! Enjoy, have fun, play with it and you will be amazed at what you find! " JLK
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Stick with it....  When you feel that you have found a perfect technique for you, stick with it for at least 7 days so that you really get to feel whether it is right for you. If it isn't then simply move on until you find the right one. As you do more meditating you will dip in and out of different techniques gaining whatever it is that you need to get from each one. As we grow our tastes change and this will be the same with meditating.

Try to meditate early mornings and before you go to bed at night. My morning ritual is grounding myself, calling in my angelic guides and opening up my chakras. I ask for blessings for that day, happiness, abundance, safety and intuition to flow through. During the course of the day I am conscious of my thoughts and reactions. My evening ritual is thanking the divine for my day, asking that my aura be cleansed, I go through my chakra system asking for any negative energies that I may have picked up during the day to be removed. I fill my energy field with divine light, I call in archangels to sit at each corner of my house or wherever I am sleeping and then I go to sleep.

You will be guided to follow the meditations that are right for you, listen to your heart and you will be in the right place. Namaste.


"Continuity is important. It’s like heating water: up to ninety-nine degrees it is still water and if you stop there it will cool down and you will have to re-heat it. But if you persevere to one hundred degrees, then the water takes a quantum leap and is transformed into vapor." Osho