What is the purpose to Life? Neale Donald Walsch

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Neale Donald Walsch is a world famous Spiritual Messenger and I am so proud to be presenting him at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre on 16th & 17th May 2014. Famous for his writings of Conversations with God, Neale has changed lives with his profound messages. Friday he will share questions that most ask themselves...  “How can I find happiness?” “Why can’t people just get along?” “What will it take to create world peace?”“Is there a God, really? And if so, what in the world does God want?” “What is the purpose of this life?” Neale will invite the audience to participate and  answer right then and there—stops the discussion in its tracks and leads to a different exploration of much deeper dimension that has dramatically altered people’s lives. Saturday promises to be life changing as he shares the most important 25 messages that came out of his books Conversations with God... see here for them all.

When I was first introduced to his work over ten years ago I actually ignored his book due to the title. We all have our own interpretation of the word God and if I'm totally honest the word put me off. Little did I know back then that my judgement on what I thought his work was about was totally wrong! This isn't religion its spiritual teachings which are simple yet profound messages and tools to living an Holistic life. 

When we change our thoughts we change our world, so if your stuck in judgement, anger, fear, resentment, depression, sadness etc a simple switch in the mind changes your illusion and experience of the world. The messages that he shares along with the tools help you to make that positive switch. 

I can't recommend his books, DVD's and programmes highly enough... so if your ready to make a positive change DON't miss this opportunity - its rare!


Have a great day :-)